Planning a Quality Teacher Website

“Teacher Web Pages That Build Parent Partnerships”, by Doug Johnson

Review Table 1 in this article for ideas about what content you might include in your website.

In order to plan a quality teacher website, you must determine the purpose(s) of your website and then select content and features that serve those purposes.


The following links should assist you in this endeavor.

Plan It. Design It. Build It. Put Your Web Site To Work, by David Warlick

Creative Classroom Online - In the Digital Classroom - Creating Class Web sites, by Kathy Schrock

Building a Content-Rich School Web Page, by Kathleen Schrock

Web Page Design - From Planning to Posting

Content-Based Web Pages, by Tammy Worcester

Contains both an activity and a rubric.

Tom Snyder Productions - Workshop Resources - Web Projects, Quests, and More

Design a Web Page Resources, by Tammy Payton

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition

Student-Designed School Web Pages, by Tammy Worcester

Includes Lesson Plans, Information Packets, Student Directions, Rubric