The yearbook is a student produced annual that captures the life, times of the campus through thousands of photos and stories about academic accomplishments, club activities, school sports, special events. It is a not only a memory book but a historical record that chronicles the year. Order annuals in the BOOKSTORE. Make checks payable to Desert Vista Yearbook.


Senior Photo FAQs

Personal Displays of Affection

Looking for a way to say congratulations to your senior? Include a Senior PDA Ad in the Yearbook. Please note that space is limited. The deadline is November 30 to reserve an spot.


The Storm Yearbook

How to place a

Senior Memory Ad

1] Select ad size.

2] All ads will appear in color unless you specifically request or send  black and white photographs.

3] Select a standard ad design.

4] Complete the Order Form  - download  it Senior Ad Order Form

5] Provide photos for each space in the ad (download Senior Ads Designs.pdf to view options).

***Please do not cut photos. Send copies of precious photographs, not irreplaceable originals. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for photos to be returned asap.

6] Write text for the ad on the Order Form or attach it on a separate sheet.

7] Provide payment.

8] Deliver or mail all of the materials to yearbook staff by the Nov. 30 deadline.

*Additional templates are available or can be designed upon request.


If you need assistance, please contact the yearbook Advisor - Michelle Coro: 480-706-7900 or

Types of Advertisements

Senior Ads

Senior memories can last a lifetime. The Storm offers the opportunity to “personalize” the yearbook in a very special way with a “Public Display of Affection” [PDA] ad. Space is available to congratulate a senior and tell your student how proud you are!

Friendship & Group Ads

Friendship ads feature two or more friends who share the space and cost of an ad. Some friends go back to the days of kindergarten. Others built lasting friendships through teams and groups. Split the cost and take this opportunity to purchase a page of the yearbook where friends rule. A full page ad can feature up to 16 photos! View the ad designs or contact the staff for details.

Regardless of the occasion, your group ad can provide a great way to recognize a student or event that our staff may not otherwise be able to cover.

Business Ads

Promote your services and products to the students of DVHS, their families, their friends, and other members of the Phoenix community. Advertising in The Storm is a great way to reach the students and families of Desert Vista High School. Purchase a quarter page ad in 3 issues of The View Newspaper plus a quarter page in The Storm yearbook - and save$$!

Bundle Ads are just $425.

*must be paid in advance

*camera-ready ad - see business ad form for details.

Full page


Half page


Quarter page


Eighth page


8 1/2 ” w X 11 1/4 ” h

8 1/2” w X 5 1/2 ” h

4” w X 5 1/2 ” h

4” w X 2 1/2 ” h

Ad Cost and Dimensions

Click here for a Senior Ad Order Form

Click here for a Business Ad Order Form

If you need assistance, please contact the yearbook Advisor - Michelle Coro: 480-706-7900 or