Staff Web Server

Welcome to the Tempe Union High School District Staff Web Server!


Whether you are a teacher, staff member, student, parent or community member, you will find something of interest to you here. Navigation bars are located in the left side and at the bottom of each page on this website. Use them to access the following resources:


Policies and Procedures

TUHSD staff members are invited to read about the policies and procedures pertinent to maintaining their staff web account. Resources on this page include

 Staff Web Page Guidelines

 Staff Web Page Guidelines FAQ


 Permission to Publish Student Work

 Web Content Accessibility

 Website Support Resources including instructions for uploading your website


Staff Web Account Application

TUHSD staff members who wish to obtain a staff web account may complete and submit their online application here.


Planning a Quality Teacher Website

A good deal of thought and planning usually precedes the development of a quality teacher website. The links on this page should help you to plan your site while keeping in mind your audience, purpose and intended content.


Creating a Quality Teacher Website

Once your website is planned, you must create it. Check here for resources on using Microsoft Publisher to create a website. You will also find web content accessibility issues discussed here.